Product Settings of “Premium Package Update Server for WooCommerce”

This page about Product Settings of “Premium Package Update Server for WooCommerce”.

They are in order to activate the features like followings

  • Update Expiry
  • Restrict Access


Update expiry of the download

Enables to extend the expiry of the download and the token after update the product file and the version by marking the checkbox and setup following fields.


Date file updated

This is the date you update to the latest version.

Just pick the date from calendar popup.


Extended expiry in day

This is the extended expiry in day.

Please enter the number you want.


Restrict Accesses

It can restrict the clients numbers.

Client library send hashed value of the URL ( which cannot be decrypted ) to the shop.

By using this data, verify and save the client in order, then allows first numbers of clients to use the token.


Accessible URL Number

Number of the client who can use the token.