Commentary on Token

This page is about what tokens generated by the plugin “Package Update Server for WooCommerce” enable.

Token which is generated and distributed after the order is completed is in JWT format. It contains purchased data without personal data in order to validate the purchase is completed in the shop by REST.


By this,

Customer:  This is the token I bought in your shop, is it still valid?

Shop: Let us see, please wait a second…

This way, it can be validated.


Then, while the token is valid,

Shop: Yes, it is. This token will be expired at YYYY/MM/DD

Respond like this.



Shop: Excuse us, we do not serving this kind of token, or the token is already expired.

Denied like this.


What token does?

The plugin is made for serving updates of the package which WooCommerce shop sells easily with token.

Currently it is a key parameter to request data related to the downloadable product item to the shop by REST.

While it is valid, customers can receive updates data and update the package to one of the latest version.


Token is related to the purchased download

The token is generated for each downloadable item.

However, as a product setting, version is a setting for a product so 1 downloadable item per 1 product is recommended setting.


Will update the client library “NPUSWC Client”

We use also NPUSWC Client to serve request by customers for our products.

Please use it request as easily as possible.

“NPUSWC Client” is currently only for WordPress Themes and Plugins. Maybe will apply in future. XO