General Settings of “Package Update Server for WooCommerce”

The plugin does not have so many settings but some of them are recommended so please regard.

This page will follow the plugin updates.


Secret Key

Package Update Server for WooCommerce - General Settings Secret Key

It is highly recommended to setup “Secrete Key”.

This is like password which only shop manager knows, and is used for the generated token as a part of the data in order to prevent fake one from generating.

The secret key is used as the hashed value for each time the token is generated or updated.

You can setup in admin page “WooCommerce” -> “NPUSWC”.

Please set a little long unique string.


Endpoint Setting

Package Update Server for WooCommerce - WooCommerce Settings Advanced

Basically it is setup by the activation of the plugin but this is how to setup by yourself just in case.

In condition with activated “WooCommerce” and “Token Vendor for WooCommerce”, go to “WooCommerce” -> “Settings” -> “Advanced”. Then you can see “Download Tokens” appears in setting fields with the value “npuswc-tokens” in account endpoint section, then please just press the button “Save the changes”.

The value is like template ID for the account page which your customers can get the purchased tokens generated by this plugin. Don’t change into other value.

In case the Download Tokens page is not displayed properly, it can be that the endpoint is not saved in proper way.